What I DO and DO NOT draw

DO - General pictures (G-rated) to adult scenes (NC-17). Any fetish not on the DON'T list. Book illustrations; sci-fi, fantasy, and original scenes; original characters or fanart within the restrictions of the DO list. Comics and chibis. Character designs and profiles. If you can describe it to me and it's not on the DON'T list, it's on the DO list.


DON'T - Scat, inflation, and hyper (exaggerated body feature) fetishes. Non-anthromorphized bestiality or underage characters in adult scenes. I reserve the right to add items to this list, as it's not a comprehensive list. I also reserve the right to reject commissions because of any reason.



*Note: When commissions are not taken on a first come, first serve basis, general images generally take precedence before NSFW ones unless otherwise specified. The same applies for a preference for original characters over fanart. It is a professional and portfolio preference.




Surcharge Modifiers

-Backgrounds - extra charge varies with its complexity. A single background color with some texture is standard charge.

-Large, complex elements - this refers to elements of the picture that require more time and effort to work on, such as machinery, complex armor, etc.

-Character design - when a character has no image reference, it requires me to create a character design based off of a description or written reference. That requires more effort, and that reflects in the price.

-Complex anatomy - somewhat covered by the complex elements clause, this specifically refers to complexity of character design. Anything with more than five limbs counts as complex anatomy; lots of fins, horns, membranes, tails, scales, genitals, etc. count as well, on the basis that lots of finicky parts imply much more work to detail, polish, and color.





- All payment is done via PayPal and in US$.

- I retain all rights to my artwork. Leasing and copyright transferring fees may be arranged upon request.

- I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason.

- I will not work under time or work restrictions. I usually work on several images at the same time, allowing me to keep a fresh perspective and take breaks from narrow concentration on one phase in the process for various reasons (for example, inking or shading can sometimes hurt my wrists). In most cases, my completion schedule is very generalized. I can make exceptions to this upon request and discussion, but I tend to avoid set "due dates" for when an item must be finished. This is why I only accept a few images each time I open for commissions.





How it works

- When commissions open, it will happen via a post made in any of my galleries.

- Fill out and send the Commission Form found in the COMMISSION INFORMATION tab at the top on this site.

- I will email a response saying whether or not I accept the commission. If I do, I will send a price quote in the acceptance email. If you do not get an email within three days, assume I did not get your email, not that I'm ignoring you. Acceptance or just appreciation for your interest, you will get a response from me.

- Once the commissioner sends a response and we agree on the price, I will send a rough sketch and my PayPal address.

- At this stage, I will continue work on the rough sketch only once the commissioner approves it (changes at this stage are free) and the PayPal payment has cleared. Commissions under $100 must be paid in full. Commissions above $100 can be paid 50% up front and 50% later, but complete payment is required before the finished picture will be delivered.

- W.I.P. updates will be sent twice: when the final sketch is done, and when the shading is polished. The commissioner can ask for one modification in each update (sketch and shading). One modification (colors only) can be made for free once the image is completed. Additional modifications will cost 10-20% extra, depending on the complexity of the change.


*Note: icons and head-shots do not get rough sketches or W.I.P. updates. However, modifications can be made to the final picture as needed, within reason.




Cancellation and Refund Policies

If I am forced to cancel the commission, the client will receive a full refund.

In the case of the client cancelling the commission, the payment will be refunded up to the stage of completion. For example, if a full color image was purchased but the image was cancelled at its sketch phase, the refund will be the payment minus the fee of the sketch. The uncompleted picture will be delivered as-is. Once an image is completed, it will not be refunded.




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